James Dean wins 2017-2018 Superior Accomplishment Award

Congratulations to our very own OGE staff member, James Dean for his outstanding contributions and service to our students, faculty and staff!


Dear Colleagues,


The University of Florida 2017-2018 Superior Accomplishment Awards program recognizes faculty and staff who have shown efficiency or economy in their work, have contributed outstanding and meritorious service, or who have improved the quality of life provided to students and employees. Each winner was nominated by supervisors, peers or customers who wrote glowing letters of recommendation on their behalf.


I am pleased to announce the winners in Division 5, which encompasses our six health-related colleges. They will receive cash awards of $200 each, a framed certificate and a commemorative coffee mug, and will be considered for university-level awards, which offer eight $1,000 and six $2,000 cash prizes. On Feb. 9, an awards banquet will be held at the Wyndham Garden Hotel & Conference Center to honor our winners and to recognize their nominators, supervisors and college deans. Our Division 5 winners have been submitted as nominees to compete for the university-level Superior Accomplishment and Community Service Awards.


Category 1 – Clerical/Office Support


James R. Dean, College of Medicine; Michelle A. Aragon, College of Nursing; Melissa L. Willingham, College of Pharmacy; Meghan E. Lopez, College of Medicine; Sharon W. Carter, College of Veterinary Medicine; Alice S. Bliss-Dodd, College of Veterinary Medicine; Cynthia Rosario, College of Medicine; Kathy J. Parrish, College of Medicine; Milena A. Ozemik, College of Pharmacy; Jamie A. Wilson, College of Veterinary Medicine


Category 2 – Support Services


Barry C. Lewis, Student Health Care Center


Category 3 – Scientific/Technical


Tammy R. Nicholson, College of Medicine; Debra F. Farrar, Student Health Care Center; Justin J. Pomeroy, College of Medicine; Layla L. Lincoln, College of Medicine; Christina J. Wimer, College of Medicine; John T. Houder, College of Pharmacy; Michael L. Artaud Del Valle, College of Veterinary Medicine


Category 4 – Administrative/Supervisory


William B. Peele, Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs; Kelly A. Higgs-Rick, College of Veterinary Medicine; Cindy A. Jones, College of Medicine; Jennifer E. Blackburn, College of Dentistry; Jerri E. Wainer, College of Dentistry; Barbara E. Dupont, College of Veterinary Medicine; Amy L. Ladendorf, Public Health and Health Professions; Marilyn W. Vaughn, College of Dentistry; Najwa N. Liscombe, College of Medicine


Category 5 – Administrative/Professional Administrative/Professional


Robyn R. Nelson, College of Medicine; Jacqueline M. Baron Lee, College of Medicine; Andrea L. Miller, College of Veterinary Medicine; Lorie S. Martin, Public Health and Health Professions; Truly M. Hardemon, Public Health and Health Professions; Angela M. Moore, College of Dentistry; Mallory C. Billings, College of Medicine; Kristi A. Prendergast, College of Medicine-Jacksonville Campus; Lizabeth M. Manini, College of Medicine; Connie R. White-Paulson, College of Dentistry; Stephanie M. Anuszewski, College of Medicine; Rebecca L. Harty, Public Health and Health Professions; Edra M. Ijames, College of Medicine


Category 6 – Academic Personnel


Catherine E. Price, Ph.D., Public Health and Health Professions; Xiuli Liu, M.D., Ph.D., College of Medicine



On behalf of all faculty, staff and students in Division 5, I offer heartfelt congratulations to our winners for your truly superior accomplishments during the 2017 academic year.




David S. Guzick, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, UF

& President, UF Health