University of Florida Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences Recruiting and Admissions Survey

Thank you for interviewing with the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Each year we conduct a survey of our candidates to get feedback on their impressions of the graduate program and the recruiting and admissions process. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this ANONYMOUS questionnaire.

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Which of the following research areas are you planning to pursue during your graduate studies? (You may select more than one)*
Where did you rank UF BEFORE the interview compared to other biomedical sciences programs?*
Where do you rank UF AFTER the interview compared to other biomedical sciences programs?*
The MOST useful source of information that led you to apply to our graduate program was obtained from:*
The three most important factors influencing your choice of graduate school were:*
Compared to other graduate programs you considered, the financial assistance of our program (base stipend of $35,500 plus a tuition waiver and health insurance) is:*
The interview and recruiting visit format was effective in introducing you to the program and research opportunities.*
Compared to other graduate programs, the interview experience with our program was:*
How would you rate the blend of scientific versus social activities that were scheduled during your interview with our program?*
Your interview and recruiting visit was focused around the primary research area/concentration you identified during the application process. Did you like this format?*