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Fall Semester

During the fall semester, first year students take the core courses:

  • GMS 6001 “Fundamentals of Biomedical Science”
  • GMS 6003 “Essentials of Graduate Research & Professional Development”
  • GMS 6090 “Journal Club”, and
  • GMS 6090 “Laboratory Rotations”.
  • They perform two rotations through laboratories to begin choosing a dissertation mentor.
  • The Career Development Seminar series is also required.

Spring Semester

During the spring semester, the first year students can begin to specialize into a concentration, if they so choose, by taking the introductory course(s) of that concentration, or they may take courses from two concentrations. They also take GMS 7003 “Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research”, “Laboratory Rotation” for a third rotation and “Journal Club” again.  By the end of the spring semester, first year students should choose their dissertation mentor and concentration.

By the end of the summer, the dissertation supervisory committee is formed and the first committee meeting held.

For the remaining time, students take at least six hours of advanced courses (see concentration-specific policies) and attend journal club every spring and fall semester (see concentration-specific policies). The qualifying examination should be taken in the fall semester of the third year. After that, most credit is for journal club and research; however, students are encouraged to take any courses they feel will contribute to their studies. 90 credit hours are required for the PhD degree. The student’s supervisory committee has authority to require students to take courses that it deems essential for the student’s development.

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