BMS4905 Contract

BMS4905 Undergraduate Research – College of Medicine

Undergraduate students who want to perform research for credit in the laboratory of a faculty member of the College of Medicine should enroll in BMS 4905, not the 4905 course of their respective home college, unless there is an overriding reason for not enrolling in BMS 4905.

Please list the actual faculty mentor on the form, not the laboratory technician, bio scientist, resident, research asst., etc.

YOU MUST clear all holds (emergency contact, etc, prior to submitting form)

Please be aware of the registration requirements and the appropriate deadlines.  No registrations will be processed after 4 PM on Monday, August 26th OR after drop/add.  For information on the current term registration dates go to:  Please note that you must register for at least one hour of credit.  There is no such thing as registering for 0 credit hours.

Please note registration requests made AFTER drop/add (August 26th for Fall 2019) may result in a late fee. 

BMS4905 Contract

online submission of undergraduate research.
  • 1-3 The recommended number of credits is 2. Note that 1 hour of credit is at least 60 hours in the lab over a semester, including summer A or B. This is based on 1 credit = 4 hours in lab for a 15 week semester. Students who are MCY or MCB majors are restricted to register for 2 credits per semester with a transcript total of 10 credits under any UF undergraduate research course (including MCB, BMS, ISS, ZOO). Once the maximum of 10 credits is on the UF transcript, no additional credits will be approved and students can volunteer only.
  • ****Faculty member will be required to give the student a letter grade via SharePoint at the end of the semester. ****
  • **** Registration requests without the faculty UFID WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!! If a faculty member is unwilling to provide their UFID then you can request for the faculty member to submit the registration request on your behalf so they can complete this field. NO EXCEPTIONS! ****
  • Must be the actual faculty mentor, not lab tech, research asst., resident, bio scientist, etc.