BMS4905 – College of Medicine Undergraduate Research Registration Information

General Information

Undergraduate students who want to perform research for credit in the laboratory of a faculty member in the College of Medicine should enroll in BMS 4905, not the 4905 course of their respective college. BMS 4905 is a variable credit hour course, 1 – 3 credit hours; there is not a 0 credit option. Please note that 1 hour of credit is at least 60 hours in the lab over the semester, including Summer A or Summer B. This is based on 1 credit hour = 4 hours in lab for a 15 week semester. Students who are MCY or MCB majors are restricted to register for 2 credit hours per semester with a transcript total of 10 credits under any UF undergraduate research course (including MCB, BMS, ISS, ZOO). Once the maximum of 10 credits is on your UF transcript, no additional credits can be taken.

How Do I Register For BMS 4905?

Effective Fall 2021, students in the REGULAR BMS 4905 (Medical Science Senior Research) are REQUIRED to register themselves for 1 – 3 credit hours. AFTER DROP/ADD, all registered students will receive an email with a link to complete the BMS 4905 course-and-mentor contract. Students who do not complete and submit the required form will be dropped from the class, resulting in a W on their transcript.

BMS 4905 FALL 2022 – REGULAR SECTION Medical Science Senior Research – Section Number: 0056, Course ID: 010525, Class Number: 11376 – REGULAR undergraduate research students should register for 1 – 3 credit hours of this section number

If you are a College of Medicine University Scholar Program (USP) Student, the College of Medicine Office of Graduate Education will register you while you. As part of the USP requirement, you must register for 1-3 credits of BMS 4905 for the three semesters (Summer, Fall, and Spring) you are in the program. Each semester you will receive registration information and instructions via your UFL email address. If you do not receive an email prior to the beginning of the semester and/or before DROP/ADD, please contact the Office of Graduate Education.
Please refer to the UF 2022 – 2023 Academic Dates and Deadlines

How Do I Register For BMS 4905 AFTER Drop/Add?

Students who wish to enroll in BMS 4905 after drop/add must submit a request via SIDA (Student Initiated Drop/Add) in ONE.UF. Once you submit a SIDA request, please email Andrew Figueroa so the request can be approved.

Please note, students who submit registration requests after the drop/add deadline may be assessed a $100 late registration fee.

Please contact Andrew Figueroa via email or via telephone (352-273-8600) with any questions.