Seminar Schedule

The COM Research Seminar series is designed to serve all graduate student, post-doc and faculty researchers in the College of Medicine and/or affiliated with the BMS. An outstanding menu of speakers is being recruited, representing a broad range of interests. Speakers are encouraged to pitch their talks to a broad audience without compromising detail or rigor. We hope that all faculty, post-docs and graduate students will make an effort to incorporate this event into their regular weekly schedule of activities.

Please check back periodically as this information is subject to updates.

Seminar DateSpeakerType of SeminarArea of ExpertiseLocation
August 16, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
August 23, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
August 30, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
September 6, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
September 13, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
September 20, 2018Dr. Ken WarringtonCareer DevelopmentLacerta TherapeuticsLG-101
September 27, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
October 4, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
October 11, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentC1-4
October 18, 2018Dr. Tracy Costello
Dr. Costello Linkedin profile
Career DevelopmentDirector of PostDoc Affairs at MoffittLG-101
October 25, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
November 1, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
November 8, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
November 15, 2018Dr. LaTese Briggs
Dr. Briggs Milken Profile
Career DevelopmentDirector, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken InstituteLG-101
November 22, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
November 29, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
December 6, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
December 13, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
December 20, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
December 27, 2018TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
January 3, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
January 10, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentC1-4
January 17, 2019Ashley JacobsCareer DevelopmentAssistant Director for Career & Industry Engagement- Public Health and Health ProfessionsLG-101
January 24, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
January 31, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
February 7, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
February 14, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentC1-4
February 21, 2019Dr. Daniel NevrivyCareer DevelopmentNevrivy Patent Law GroupLG-101
February 28, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101
March 7, 2019BMID Trainees InternshipsCareer DevelopmentLG-101
March 14, 2019Dr. Nicole Steinmetz
Dr. Steinmetz UCSD Profile
BMB Concentration SeminarUC San DiegoLG-101
March 21, 2019Dr. Dyche Mullins
Dr. Mullins UCSF Profile
MCB Concentration SeminarUniversity of California, San FranciscoLG-101
March 28, 2019Dr. Peter Walter
Dr. Walter UCSF Profile
Distinguished Lecture SeriesUniversity of California, San FranciscoHPNP 1404
April 2, 2019Dr. Bruce Alberts
Dr. Alberts UCSF Profile
Distinguished Lecture SeriesUniversity of California, San FranciscoHPNP 1404
April 11, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentHPNP 1404
April 18, 2019Dr. Charlotte ChungCareer DevelopmentLG-101
April 25, 2019TBACareer DevelopmentLG-101