BMS Rotation Research Resumption Portal Information

Although you will have to complete and submit a new research activity request form, the following instructions will provide you with key areas of the form to focus on and boiler plate language that has been provided to us by UF Health and COM Dean of Research Affairs.

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When submitting your amended research activity request (presuming you currently have an approved research resumption plan in place), please be sure to choose ‘Stage 3 – Adding Personnel or Spaces to an Already Approved Activity’.

IF you do not currently have an approved research resumption plan, you will need to submit a new activity request form as ‘Stage 3 – see UF Research Resumption Plan’.

research category



In the detailed description of research activity it is imperative that you include the following statement:

‘College of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences PhD student (NAME STUDENT) will be completing their 1st laboratory rotation from 8/24/20 – 10/23/20.  Student (NAME STUDENT) has already had COVID screening and has been cleared to return to campus per UF Health Screen, Test & Protect.’

Additionally, you must include how you will integrate the rotation student into your current safety plan.

research activity



When the student submitted their rotation selection form, you should have received a confirmation email that included the student’s name, phone number, UF ID, and email address.  Please reference your confirmation email to complete the ‘add personnel’ section.

add personnel



You must include the rotation student’s schedule in your lab and how social distancing and utilization of PPE will be managed by adding this student to your RRP.

schedule PPE



It is imperative that you indicate this new submission form is related to a previous request (your most recently approved research activity request) as it will help speed up the review and approval process.  Please be sure you provide the most recently approved request number in this field, for example PI LAST NAME-3528675309.  Additionally, if you do not receive a confirmation via email after you submit the report, please let me know ASAP.

previous request