Faculty Awards and Acknowledgments

Doctoral Mentoring Award

The UF Graduate School’s annual Doctoral Mentoring Award encourages and rewards excellence, innovation and effectiveness in mentoring doctoral and Master of Fine Arts students through their final dissertation or fine arts thesis project. Nominations for the award come from current graduate students, graduate alumni, faculty members, graduate coordinators, department chairs, school directors, college deans and higher-level administrators.

Current and past winners of this mentoring award are listed below. Click on their names to read their statements about their approach to mentoring of doctoral and Master students, and the theory and methodology behind their successes.


2005-2006 Mentoring Award Winners
Dr. Michael S. Kilberg
UF Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2006-2007 Mentoring Award Winners
Dr. Harry S. Nick
UF Department of Neuroscience
2011-2012 Mentoring Award Winners
Dr. Peter P. Sayeski
UF Department of Physiology and Functional Genomics
2012-2013 Mentoring Award Winners
Dr. Edward K.L. Chan
UF Department of Oral Biology