Weekly First Year Journal Clubs

You are required to attend a journal club every week that your concentration journal club meets, Feel free to contact the listed course director or graduate administrator if you have an interest in that journal club to obtain/confirm meeting time/location.

Recommended First-Year Journal Club Options

  • Please use this form to record your club attendances weekly, biweekly or monthly, whatever is most convenient to you. It is important that you have all attendances recorded before the end of the semester.
  • You are required to attend the journal club of your concentration of interest each week the club meets. You are not responsible for club cancellations or UF holidays where the club does not meet. However, you are welcome to attend a different journal club during these times.

Weekly First Year Journal Club Reporting

First Year Journal Club Report

Use this form to record your journal club attendances. You may report weekly, biweekly or whatever is most convenient for you. However, you must record all attendances prior to the end of the semester.

Date of Journal Club Meeting(Required)