Current BMS Students

Cohort YearConcentration Name
2019-2020Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyKimberly PaulsenPaulsen, Kimberly

Mentor: Dr. Zhijian Qian

--B.S., Brigham Young University
2019-2020Biochemistry and Molecular BiologySavannah WeeksWeeks, Savannah

Mentor: Dr. Linda Bloom

--B.S., University of North Carolina
2019-2020Cancer BiologySiddhi ChitreChitre, Siddhi

Mentor: Dr. Sumita Bhaduri-McIntosh

--M.S., University of Mumbai; M.S., Indiana University
2019-2020Cancer BiologyMichael DoughertyDougherty, Michael

Mentor: Dr. Christian Jobin

--B.S., Florida State University; M.S., University of North Dakota
2019-2020Cancer BiologyLaura Falceto FontFalceto Font, Laura

Mentor: Dr. Catherine Flores

--B.S., Florida Gulf Coast University
2019-2020Cancer BiologyZeng JinJin, Zeng

Mentor: Dr. Ryan Kolb

--B.S., University of Alberta; M.S., University of Buffalo
2019-2020Cancer BiologyKimberly PereiraPereira, Kimberly

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Licht

--B.S., University of North Florida
2019-2020Cancer BiologyXzaviar SoloneSolone, Xzaviar (McKnight Fellow)

Mentor: Dr. Lizi Wu

--B.S., Bethune-Cookman University; M.S., Kennesaw State University
2019-2020Cancer BiologyGregory TakacsTakacs, Gregory

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Harrison

--B.S., Southern Illinois University
2019-2020Cancer BiologyMu YuYu, Mu

Mentor: Dr. Lizi Wu

--B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology; M.S., University of Florida
2019-2020Genetics Alana O'BrienO'Brien, Alana

Mentor: Dr. Eric Wang

--B.S., University of Florida
2019-2020Genetics Zoe ScherzerScherzer, Zoe

Mentor: Dr. Eric Wang

--B.S., University of Florida
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyNicholas de Mojana di Colognadi Cologna, Nicholas

Mentor: Dr. Jacqueline Abranches

--B.S., University de Brasilia; M.S., University de Brasilia
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyZavier EureEure, Zavier

Mentor: Dr. Frank Gibson
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyConnor FrancisFrancis, Connor (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentors: Dr. Duane Mitchell and Dr. Catherine Flores
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologySee-Chi LeeLee, See-Chi (Sookie)

Mentor: Dr. Zsolt Toth

--B.S., National Yang Ming University; M.S., Georgetown University
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologySimiloluwa OgundareOgundare, Similoluwa

Mentor: Dr. Clayton Mathews

--B.S., University of Louisiana Monroe; M.S., University of Louisiana Monroe
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyAlexandra PetersonPeterson, Alexandra

Mentor: Dr. Jose Lemos

--B.S., Stony Brook University
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyGanlin QuQu, Ganlin

Mentor: Dr. Borna Mehrad

--B.S., University of Florida
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyChristina RothenbergerRothenberger, Christina

Mentor: Dr. Mary Ellen Davey

--B.S., University of Florida
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyYiran ShenShen, Yiran

Mentor: Dr. Cuong Nguyen

--B.S., Wuhan University; M.S., Georgetown University
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyLauren SpiresSpires, Lauren

Mentor: Dr. Zsolt Toth

--B.S., University of South Carolina
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyPuchong ThirawatananondThirawatananond, Puchong (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Todd Brusko
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyAugustine VinsonVinson, Augustine

Mentor: Dr. Ed Scott

--B.S., Winthrop University
2019-2020Immunology and MicrobiologyLei WangWang, Lei

Mentor: Dr. Weizhou Zhang
2019-2020Molecular Cell Biology Ryan ClayClay, Ryan

Mentor: Dr. Lingtao Jin

--M.S., University of Central Florida
2019-2020Molecular Cell Biology Kelly HealyHealy, Kelly

Mentor: Dr. Andrew Liu

--B.S., St. Mary's College
2019-2020Molecular Cell Biology Gabriela PegueroPeguero, Gabriela (McKnight Fellow)

Mentor: Dr. Bernadett Papp

--B.S., Michigan State University; M.S., Glasgow Caledonian University
2019-2020Molecular Cell Biology Sadia SarwarSarwar, Sadia

Mentor: Dr. Alexander Ishov
2019-2020Neuroscience Alejandro AlbizuAlbizu, Alejandro

Mentor: Dr. Adam Woods

--B.S., Florida State University
2019-2020Neuroscience Jake BolesBoles, Jake

Mentor: Dr. Malu Tansey

--B.S., Christopher Newport University
2019-2020Neuroscience Tara CooperCooper, Tara

Mentor: Dr. Sara Burke

--B.S., Washington Lee University
2019-2020Neuroscience Zachary KrummKrumm, Zachary (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Todd Golde
2019-2020Neuroscience Wooseok LeeLee, Brian

Mentor: Dr. Jeremy McIntyre

--B.S., Auburn University
2019-2020Neuroscience Grace LloydLloyd, Grace

Mentor: Dr. Benoit Giasson

--B.S., University of South Florida
2019-2020Neuroscience Binh NguyenNguyen, Binh (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Carol Mathews
2019-2020Neuroscience Wonn PyonPyon, Wonn

Mentors: Dr. Jennifer Bizon and Dr. Barry Setlow

--B.S., University of Arizona
2019-2020Pharmacology and TherapeuticsGhazaleh BehnammaneshBehnammanesh, Ghazaleh

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Bird

--B.S., Florida State University; M.S., University of Science Malaysia; M.S., University of Missouri
2019-2020Pharmacology and TherapeuticsNatalie LewisJohnson, Natalie

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Wesson

--B.S., Brigham Young University
2019-2020Pharmacology and TherapeuticsJonathan LarochelleLarochelle, Jonathan

Mentor: Dr. Eduardo Candelario-Jalil

--B.S., Ave Maria University
2019-2020Pharmacology and TherapeuticsVictoria LeroyLeroy, Victoria

Mentor: Dr. Ashish Sharma

--B.S., Winthrop University
2019-2020Pharmacology and TherapeuticsThu PhamPham, Ann

Mentor: Dr. Andrew Bryant

--B.S., Illinois College
2019-2020Pharmacology and TherapeuticsYang YangYang, Yang

Mentor: Dr. Daohong Zhou

--B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.S., University of Pennsylvania
2019-2020Physiology and Functional GenomicsShyla DifuntorumDifuntorum, Shyla

Mentor: Dr. Annette de Kloet

--B.S., California State University
2019-2020Physiology and Functional GenomicsAndrew MorrisMorris, Andrew

Mentor: Dr. Andrew Liu

--B.S., Santa Fe College
2018-2019Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyJacob CombsCombs, Jacob

Mentor: Dr. Robert McKenna

B.S., Biochemistry, University of Missouri
2018-2019Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyJoshua HullHull, Joshua

Mentors: Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna and Dr. Robert McKenna

--B.S., Biology, University of Florida
2018-2019Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyRenuk LakshmananLakshmanan, Renuk

Mentors: Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna and Dr. Robert McKenna

--M.S., Biology, Manipal University
2018-2019Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMarc McLeodMcLeod, Marc

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Merritt

--B.S., Biology, University of North Florida
2018-2019Cancer BiologyOdalis CruzCruz, Odalis

--M.S., Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida
2018-2019Cancer BiologyTianqi LiLi, Tianqi

Mentor: Dr. Mingyi Xie

--M.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Georgetown University
2018-2019Cancer BiologyNatalie MartinezMartinez, Natalie

Mentor: Dr. Scott Tibbetts

--B.S., Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez
2018-2019Cancer BiologyClaudia Mercado-RodriguezMercado-Rodriguez, Claudia

Mentor: Dr. Christian Jobin

--M.S., Advanced Therapies and Biotechnological Innovation, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain
2018-2019Cancer BiologyRachel NewsomeNewsome, Rachel

Mentor: Dr. Christian Jobin

--B.S., Biochemistry, University of Florida
2018-2019Cancer BiologyXin ZhouZhou, Xin

Mentor: Dr. Lizi Wu

--M.S., Medical Genetics, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
2018-2019Genetics Frederick AshbyAshby III, Frederick (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Coy Heldermon
2018-2019Genetics Avery EngelbrechtEngelbrecht, Avery

Mentor: Dr. Laura Ranum

--B.S., Biology, University of Florida
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyNatalie AtyeoAtyeo, Natalie (enrolled DMD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Bernadett Papp
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyJasmine AyersAyers, Jasmine

Mentors: Dr. Lei Zhou and Dr. Rhoel Dinglasan

--B.S., Chemistry, Stony Brook University, NY
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyDebra BrunsonBrunson, Debra

Mentor: Dr. Jose Lemos

--M.S., Biology, University of North Florida
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyTristan GramsGrams, Tristan

Mentor: Dr. David Bloom

--B.S., Biology, Carthage College, WI
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyShivai GuptaGupta, Shivai

Mentor: Dr. Cuong Nguyen

--M.S., Biotechnology, Georgetown University
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologySiddhant GupteGupte, Siddhant

Mentor: Dr. Shannon Boye

--M.S., Immunology, Harvard Medical School
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyMollie HuberHuber, Mollie

Mentor: Dr. Mark Atkinson

--B.S., Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologySeung JangJang, James Seung Jin (enrolled DMD/PhD)
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyCallahan KatrakKatrak, Callahan (enrolled MD/PhD)
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyJames MartinMartin, James

Mentor: Dr. Gary Wang

--M.S., Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyLeeana PetersPeters, Leeana

Mentor: Dr. Todd Brusko

--B.S., Biology, University of Florida
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyLauren RobertsRoberts, Lauren

Mentor: Dr. Zsolt Toth

--B.S., Biology, Nazareth College of Rochester
2018-2019Immunology and MicrobiologyEmily WinesettWinesett, Emily (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Stephanie Karst
2018-2019Molecular Cell Biology Yunhan JiangJiang, Yunhan

Mentor: Dr. Lingtao Jin

--M.S., Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh
2018-2019Molecular Cell Biology Bin LiLi, Bin

Mentor: Dr. Yehia Daaka

--M.S., Biology, Emporia State University
2018-2019Molecular Cell Biology Brandon MurphyMurphy, Brandon

Mentor: Dr. Yehia Daaka

--B.S., Chemistry, Fayetteville State University
2018-2019Neuroscience Drew GillettGillett, Drew

Mentor: Dr. Jose Abisambra

--B.S., Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida
2018-2019Neuroscience Benjamin KiddKidd, Benjamin

Mentor: Dr. Maurice Swanson

--B.S., Biology, University of Georgia
2018-2019Neuroscience Jessica KraftKraft, Jessica

Mentor: Dr. Adam Woods

--M.A., Applied Psychological Research, Pennsylvania State University
2018-2019Neuroscience Tosha WilliamsWilliams, Tosha

Mentor: Dr. Paramita Chakrabarty

--B.S., Biology, Oklahoma State University
2018-2019Neuroscience Yuxing XiaXia, Yuxing (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Benoit Giasson
2018-2019Pharmacology and TherapeuticsJulien HabifHabif, Julien (Jay)

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Martens

--M.S., Bioengineering, University of California San Diego; BSE, Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan​
2018-2019Pharmacology and TherapeuticsCora HartHart, Cora

Mentor: Dr. Lee Sweeney

--B.S., Nutritional Sciences, University of Florida
2018-2019Pharmacology and TherapeuticsAishwarya KulkarniKulkarni, Aishwarya

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Wesson

--M.S., Pharmacology and Drug Development, Tufts University
2018-2019Pharmacology and TherapeuticsYixiao WangWang, Yixiao

Mentor: Dr. Ekaterina Lobanova

--M.S., Ophthalmology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2018-2019Physiology and Functional GenomicsCaitlin Baumer-HarrisonBaumer-Harrison, Caitlin

Mentor: Dr. Annette De Kloet

--M.S., Experimental Psychology, Eastern Michigan University
2018-2019Physiology and Functional GenomicsWilliam DoddDodd, William (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Brian Hoh
2018-2019Physiology and Functional GenomicsMohammed GholamGholam, Mohammed

Mentor: Dr. Abdel Alli

--M.S., Physiology, Ball State University
2017-2018Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyJoseph EllisEllis, Joseph

Mentor: Dr. Andy Berglund

--B.S., University of the Sciences
2017-2018Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyShanan EmmanuelEmmanuel, Shanan

Mentor: Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna

--B.S., Biology, University of the Virgin Islands
2017-2018Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyJared RichardsonRichardson, Jared

Mentor: Dr. Andy Berglund

2017-2018Cancer Biology Ozlem CalbayCalbay, Ozlem

Mentor: Dr. Shuang Huang

--M.S., Gazi University
2017-2018Cancer Biology Chandler CallawayCallaway, Chandler

Mentor: Dr. Andrew Judge

--B.S., Stetson University
2017-2018Cancer Biology Peter DibDib, Peter

Mentor: Dr. Maria Zajac-Kaye

--B.S., Biochemistry, University of California at San Diego
2017-2018Cancer Biology Gabriel PradoPrado, Gabriel

Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Licht

--B.S., Biochemistry, University of Miami
2017-2018Cancer Biology Vrunda TrivediTrivedi, Vrunda

Mentor: Dr. Duane Mitchell

--M.S., University of Florida
2017-2018Cancer Biology Qin YuYu, Qin

Mentors: Dr. Ryan Thomas and Dr. Christian Jobin

--B.S., Huazhong Agricultural University
2017-2018Genetics Ruben Garcia-VazquezGarcia-Vazquez, Ruben

Mentor: Dr. Edward Scott

--B.S., Immunology, Iowa State University
2017-2018Genetics Russell MellenMellen, Russell

Mentor: Dr. Shannon Boye

--B.S., Biology, Azusa Pacific University
2017-2018Genetics Keril PoukalovPoukalov, Keril

Mentor: Dr. Eric Wang

--B.S., Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida
2017-2018Genetics Alexandra Wiscovitch-BonillaWiscovitch-Bonilla, Alexandra

Mentor: Dr. Martin Cohn

--B.S., Biology, University of Puerto Rico
2017-2018Immunology and MicrobiologyLouise BallBall, Louise

Mentor: Dr. Anthony Maurelli

--B.S., University of Leeds
2017-2018Immunology and MicrobiologyJohn ButterfieldButterfield, John (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentors: Dr. Roland Herzog and Dr. Chen Ling

--B.S., Excelsior College
2017-2018Immunology and MicrobiologyJoseph DeanDean, Joseph

Mentor: Dr. Liang Zhou

--M.S., University of Florida
2017-2018Immunology and MicrobiologyTiffany FreyFrey, Tiffany

Mentor: Dr. Michael McIntosh

--B.S., Biology, Albright College
2017-2018Immunology and MicrobiologyEric HelmHelm, Eric

Mentor: Dr. Dorina Avram

--B.S., Biology, Haverford College
2017-2018Immunology and MicrobiologyRichard WitasWitas, Richard

Mentor: Dr. Cuong Nguyen

--B.S., Microbiology and Cell Science, University of South Florida
2017-2018Molecular Cell BiologyTao LiLi, Tao

Mentor: Dr. Shuang Huang

--M.S., University of Florida
2017-2018NeuroscienceNicholas DiColaDiCola, Nicholas

Mentors: Dr. Andrew Maurer and Dr. Sara Burke

--B.S., Purdue University
2017-2018NeuroscienceAdithya GopinathGopinath, Adithya

Mentors: Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei and Dr. Wolfgang Streit

--B.S., Psychology, University of Florida
2017-2018NeuroscienceMatteo GrudnyGrudny, Matteo

Mentor: Dr. Marcelo Febo

--B.S., Biology, Florida International University
2017-2018NeuroscienceDylan GuentherGuenther, Dylan

Mentors: Dr. Andrew Maurer and Dr. Alexandru Sheremet

--B.S., University of Florida
2017-2018NeuroscienceKalene JassoJasso, Kalene

Mentor: Dr. Jeremy McIntyre

--B.S., University of Wisconsin
2017-2018NeuroscienceJack KennedyKennedy, Jack

Mentor: Dr. Andrew Maurer

--B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Florida
2017-2018NeuroscienceKartik MotwaniMotwani, Kartik (enrolled MD/PhD)

Mentor: Dr. Brian Hoh

--B.S., West Virginia University
2017-2018NeuroscienceBrittany UlmUlm, Brittany

Mentor: Dr. Jada Lewis

--B.S., Biology, University of Central Florida
2017-2018NeuroscienceAriel WalkerWalker, Ariel

Mentor: Dr. Jada Lewis

--B.S., Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Florida
2017-2018Pharmacology and TherapeuticsJordan BatemanBateman, Jordan

Mentor: Dr. Erica Levitt

--B.S., Biology, Brigham Young University
2017-2018Pharmacology and TherapeuticsYang FengFeng, Yang

Mentor: Dr. Olga Guryanova

--M.S., Georgetown University
2017-2018Pharmacology and TherapeuticsAlessandra NorrisNorris, Alessandra

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Kopinke

--B.S., Biology, Universidad de Bueno Aires
2017-2018Pharmacology and TherapeuticsSandy SaundersSaunders, Sandy

Mentor: Dr. Erica Levitt

--B.S., University of Florida
2017-2018Physiology and Functional GenomicsHamzah AhmedAhmed, Hamzah

Mentor: Dr. Timothy Garrett

--M.S., Nuclear Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University
2017-2018Physiology and Functional GenomicsCollin DouglasDouglas, Collin

Mentor: Dr. Karyn Esser

--B.S., Biology, University of Florida
2016-2017Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyChristopher FieldsFields, Christopher

Mentor: Dr. Mingyi Xie

--M.S., Biology, Western Kentucky University
2016-2017Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyCarl ShotwellShotwell, Carl

Mentor: Dr. John Berglund

--B.S., Biology, Saint Leo University
2016-2017Cancer BiologyZuo DingDing, Zuo

Mentor: Dr. Shuang Huang

--B.S., Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
2016-2017Cancer BiologyMai TanakaTanaka, Mai

Mentor: Dr. Dietmar Siemann

--B.S., Biochemistry, New College of Florida
2016-2017Cancer BiologyAaron WaddellWaddell, Aaron

Mentor: Dr. Daiqing Liao

--B.S., Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida
2016-2017Cancer BiologyZachary WakefieldWakefield, Zachary

Mentor: Dr. Dietmar Siemann

--B.S., Biology, Indiana University-Bloomington
2016-2017GeneticsShu GuoGuo, Shu

Mentor: Dr. Laura Ranum

--M.S., Biology, University of York, UK; Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China
2016-2017GeneticsRyan HildebrandtHildebrandt, Ryan

Mentor: Dr. Eric Wang

--B.S., Psychology, Florida State University
2016-2017Immunology and MicrobiologyAlexandria KestersonKesterson, Alexandria

Mentor: Dr. Charles Heine

--M.S., Animal & Veterinary Science, Immunology, University of Wyoming
2016-2017Immunology and MicrobiologyShweta KulkarniKulkarni, Shweta

Mentor: Dr. Mark Atkinson

--B.S., Microbiology and Immunology, University of Miami
2016-2017Pharmacology and TherapeuticsChao XieXie, Chao

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Martens

--M.E., Biological Engineering, Tianjin University of Science and Technology
2016-2017Physiology and Pharmacology Mengchen LiLi, Mengchen

Mentor: Dr. Maureen Keller-Wood

--M.S., Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Southern California
2015-2016Cancer BiologyPatrick KellishKellish, Patrick

Mentor: Dr. Maria Zajac-Kaye

--B.S., Clemson University, Clemson, SC
2015-2016GeneticsLance DenesDenes, Lance

Mentor: Dr. Eric Wang

--B.S., University of Florida
2015-2016Neuroscience Eric AtkinsonAtkinson, Eric

Mentor: Dr. Kevin Otto

--M.S., Medical Sciences, University of Florida
2015-2016Neuroscience Seth CurrlinCurrlin, Seth

Mentor: Dr. Kevin Otto

--B.S., University of Florida
2015-2016Neuroscience Douglas MillerMiller, Douglas

Mentors: Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei and Dr. Andrew Maurer

--B.S., Indiana University - Bloomington, Bloomington, IN
2020-2021Medina-Serpas, Miguel
2020-2021Heidings, James
2020-2021Jn-Simon, Natacha
2020-2021Jang, Seung Jin
2020-2021Gunraj, Rachel
2020-2021Moreland ,Zane
2020-2021Penaloza Aponte, Jesus
2020-2021Sudhakara, Preethi
2020-2021Morales-Aparcio, Joyce (McKnight Fellow)
2020-2021Diodati, Nickolas
2020-2021Alvarado-Barrantes, Jorge
2020-2021Chapman, Elizabeth
2020-2021Peiper, Amy (enrolled MD/PhD)
2020-2021Klaas, Elizabeth
2020-2021Michaelson, Alysha
2020-2021Hiers, Nicholas
2020-2021Sidhom, Silvana
2020-2021Alava, Bryan
2020-2021Droske, Lauren
2020-2021Ramkhalawan, Darius
2020-2021Li, Zhuangyue
2020-2021Lopez, Mariana (McKnight Fellow)
2020-2021Ligocki, Alexander
2020-2021Ebrahimi, Elnaz
2020-2021Chang, Mario
2020-2021Jernigan, Janna
2020-2021E Silva Veronese, Beatriz
2020-2021Millett, Michael
2020-2021Bu, Mengfei (Anthea)
2020-2021Newcomb, Elijah
2020-2021Moore, Andrew
2020-2021Taylor, Zachary
2020-2021Peng, Qingqing
2020-2021Rushin, Anna
2020-2021Kirkpatrick, Kelly (enrolled MD/PhD)
2020-2021Hung, Alex
2020-2021LeBert, Carolina
2020-2021Tomas, Rodrigo
2020-2021Staley, Hannah
2020-2021Duryea, Danielle
2020-2021Mackie, Phillip (enrolled MD/PhD)
2020-2021Bassett, Maclean

Disclaimer: The images on these page were taken prior to the national guidelines of face coverings and social distancing.