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Spring 2020

Lin, AndreaAndrea Lin

December 19 at 12:00pm in C1-4

Immunology & Microbiology

Laboratory of Dr. Clayton Mathews

Immune Changes with ATG+GCSF Therapy and Its Impacts on C-Peptide Preservation in Type 1 Diabetes

-- M.S., Tulane University
Robert EisingerRobert Eisinger

February 20 at 11:00am in Biomedical Sciences Building JG-32


Laboratory of Dr. Aysegul Gunduz

"Reward Processing and Impulsivity in Parkinson's Disease"
Zachary SorrentinoZachary Sorrentino

February 20 at 1:00pm in MBI LG-101A


Laboratory of Dr. Benoit Giasson

"Truncation of Alpha-Synuclein: Implications for Neurodegenerative Diseases"

--B.S., University of Florida
Mathew SebastianMathew Sebastian

March 6 at 3:30pm in MBI LG-101A DeWeese Auditorium

Molecular Cell Biology

Laboratories of Dr. David Tran and Dr. Dietmar Siemann

Pglyrp3, a Novel Master Regulator of Breast Cancer Development and Metastasis
Garrett SmithGarrett Smith

March 17 at 10:00am via Zoom


Laboratory of Dr. Thomas Foster

Hippocampal Subregion Transcriptomic Profiles Reflect Strategy Selection During Cognitive Aging

--B.S., Davidson College
Henrietta FasanyaHenrietta Fasanya

March 17 at 2:00pm via Zoom

Cancer Biology

Laboratory of Dr. Dietmar Siemann

The Role of Cathepsin Inhibition in Osteosarcoma Metastasis

--B.S., Florida Institute of Technology
Niousha AhmariNiousha Ahmari

March 18 at 10:00am in MSB M559

Physiology and Functional Genomics

Laboratory of Dr. Jasenka Zubcevic

Targeting Peripheral and Central Immune Changes in Obesity and Hypertension through Bone Marrow Beta-Adrenergic Blockade

--B.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
Upasana ParthasarathyUpasana Parthasarathy

March 18 at 10:45am via Zoom

Immunology and Microbiology

Laboratory of Dr. Dorina Avram

E3 ubiquitin ligase HECTD3 protects against colon cancer by regulating essential oncogenic pathways

--M.S., University of Cincinnati
Melanie ShapiroMelanie Shapiro

March 23 at 10:00am via Zoom

Immunology and Microbiology

Laboratories of Dr. Todd Brusko & Dr. Mark Atkinson

Insulin-Like Growth Factors as Biomarkers with Immunological Impacts on the Development of Type 1 Diabetes

--B.S., University of Maryland College Park
MacKenzie WilliamsMacKenzie Williams

March 25 at 12:15pm via Zoom

Immunology and Microbiology

Laboratory of Dr. Mark Atkinson

Genetic Associations Driving Altered Innate Responses, Islet Autoantibody Persistence, & Residual Beta Cell Function in Type 1 Diabetes

--B.S., University of Florida
John CaliseJohn Calise

March 25 at 2:00pm via Zoom

Molecular Cell Biology

Laboratory of Dr. Edward Chan

The role of IMP dehydrogenase filaments in cell biology

--B.S. Finance, University of Florida
Zachary OskingZachary Osking

March 27 at 2:00pm via Zoom

Molecular Cell Biology

Laboratory of Dr. Eric Vitriol

ALS-Linked SOD1 mutants enhance neurite outgrowth and disrupt the cytoskeleton in motor neurons

--B.S., Biotechnology, Florida Gulf Coast University