Faculty who did not respond to the mentor survey

Last Name First Name Email Department
Ahn Andrew ahn@neurology.ufl.edu Neurology
Ayala Julio jayala@sanfordburnham.org Physiology & Functional Genomics
Baker Stephen spbaker@ufl.edu Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Barbet Anthony barbet@ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Battelle Barbara-Anne battelle@whitney.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Baxter Lewis lbaxter@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Behrns Kevin kevin.behrns@surgery.ufl.edu Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Berns Kenneth kberns@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Bolser Donald bolser@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Bose Prodip bose@mbi.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Brady Jeannine jbrady@dental.ufl.edu Oral Biology
Brantly Mark brantml@medicine.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Bruijnzeel Adrie awbruijn@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Bubb Michael bubbmr@medicine.ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Byrne Barry bbyrne@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Campbell-Thompson Martha mct@ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Carter Christy ccarter@aging.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Caudle Robert caudle@ufl.edu Oral Biology
Chang Lung-Ji lchang@mgm.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Chun Paul pwchun@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Clare-Salzler Michael salzler@ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Conrad Kirk kpconrad@ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Cousins Robert cousins@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Devine Darragh dpdevine@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Driscoll Daniel driscdj@peds.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Driver John jdriver@ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Elder Melissa elderme@peds.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Friedman William friedman@neurosurgery.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Giasson Benoit bgiasson@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Gold Mark msgold@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Golde Todd tgolde@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Grant Maria grantma@ufl.edu Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Harvey William wharvey@whitney.ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Hauswirth William hauswrth@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Heaton Marieta heaton@mbi.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Heft Marc mwheft@ufl.edu Clinical Investigation
Hill James hillja@medicine.ufl.edu Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Hobbs Jacqueline jahobbs@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Hoh Brian brian.hoh@neurosurgery.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Hromas Robert robert.hromas@medicine.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Hsu Stephen stephen.hsu@medicine.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Huang I-Chan ichuang@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Huang Emina emina.huang@surgery.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Janus Christopher cjanus@mbi.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Jin Shouguang sjin@mgm.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Judge Andrew arjudge@phhp.ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Kem William wrkem@ufl.edu Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Kesavalu Lakshmyya kesavalu@dental.ufl.edu Oral Biology
Kladde Michael kladde@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Knapp Caprice caprice1@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Koroly Mary Jo Korolymj@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Kusmartsev Sergei sakus61@ufl.edu Anatomy & Cell Biology
Lewin Alfred lewin@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Lewis Mark marklewis@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Lewis Stephen stephen.lewis@neurosurgery.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Liu Yijun yijunliu@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Liu Zhao Liuzh@peds.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Lu Jianrong jrlu@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Lucas Alexandra alexandra.lucas@medicine.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Maldonado-Molina Midred mmmm@ufl.edu Epidemiology & Health Policy Research
Martynyuk Anatoly AMartynyuk@anest.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Mauderli Andre amauderli@dental.ufl.edu Neuroscience
May William smay@ufl.edu Anatomy & Cell Biology
Mergia Ayalew mergiaa@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Morris Glenn jgmorris@epi.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Moullier Philippe moullier@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Muzyczka Nick muzyczka@mgm.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Nelson Peter peter.nelson@surgery.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
O’Brien Thomas tobrien@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Petitto John jpetitto@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Progulske-Fox Ann apfox@dental.ufl.edu Oral Biology (College of Dentistry)
Purich Daniel dlpurich@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Raizada Mohan mraizada@ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Reed Jill verlaj@medicine.ufl.edu Anatomy & Cell Biology
Reep Roger reep@mbi.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Reeves Westley whreeves@ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Reisman David dnreisman@ufl.edu
Reynolds Brent brent.reynolds@neurosurgery.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Richards Nigel richards@qtp.ufl.edu Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Ritz Louis ritz@mbi.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Rogers Richard rrogers@anest.ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Roper Steven roper@neurosurgery.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Salemi Marco salemi@pathology.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Schatz Desmond schatda@peds.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Scott Edward escott@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Segal Mark segalms@medicine.ufl.edu Anatomy & Cell Biology
Shafi Nadeem nishafi@peds.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Shaw Gerry shaw@mbi.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Shenkman Elizabeth eas@ichp.ufl.edu Epidemiology & Health Policy Research
Slayton William slaytwb@peds.ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Sobel Eric sobeles@medicine.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Steindler Dennis steindler@neurosurgery.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Stevens Bruce stevensb@ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Strosberg Arthur strosber@scripps.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Sugrue Stephen sugrue@ufl.edu Anatomy & Cell Biology
Sumners Colin csumners@ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Talathi Sachin talathi@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Tan Weihong tan@chem.ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Thompson Lindsay lathompson@peds.ufl.edu Epidemiology & Health Policy Research
Vickroy Thomas vickroy@ufl.edu Neuroscience
Waters Michael mwaters@neurology.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Weigel-Van Aken Kirsten weigel@ufl.edu Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Wilson Brian bwilson1@ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Wu Samuel samwu@biostat.ufl.edu Epidemiology & Health Policy Research
Xia Changqing xia@pathology.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Xiang Minghui minghui.xiang@jax.ufl.edu Physiology & Functional Genomics
Yachnis Anthony yachnis@pathology.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Yang Thomas tpyang@ufl.edu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Yang Lijun yanglj@pathology.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
Yezierski Robert ryezierski@dental.ufl.edu Neuroscience
Zori Roberto zorirt@peds.ufl.edu Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine

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