Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research

Course Director

Wayne T. McCormack, PhD  (e-mail;  phone 273-9042;  office D6-18B)

Course Description

This course is required for all IDP students.  It is designed to introduce key issues in the responsible conduct of research (RCR), following the research process from inception to planning, conducting, reporting, and reviewing biomedical research.  The course seeks to provide a practical overview of the rules, regulations, and professional practices that define the responsible conduct of research.  The coverage is not exhaustive and leaves room for continued reading and discussion with the student’s mentor, in the laboratory and classroom, at professional meetings, and in any other setting where researchers gather to discuss their work.

This course is open to graduate students in other graduate programs, and postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members who must complete RCR training to fulfill fellowship or training grant requirements are also welcome to participate.  Please contact Dr. McCormack for more information.